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  1. was planning on doing, but waiting till it gets dark as it will be easier to see when I have sorted it. Being new to CCTV I wanted to be sure that adjusting the cameras was the correct thing to do.
  2. I had adjusted them using a monitor, they look fine during the day. It's only when the IR turns on at night does the Halo effect happen. To be honest the two which are fine are very likely to be the ones I manually adjusted.
  3. I think you maybe correct. I thought I had adjusted them all back to the same setting as each other but guess not I'll have to go out tommorow evening to see if I can adjust them without altering the view too much.
  4. Hi I have just installed a 4 camera CCTV sysytem using 4 verifocal cameras I got from Maplin. I'm very happy with the daytime pictures from the cameras however at night I'm getting a strange 'halo' effect of light on 2 of the cameras and I can't figure out why. I have tried moving the housing to see if it was too far forward and causing the IR to reflect but doesn't seem to have changed anything. I could understand it more if all the cameras were the same, but when it's only 2 doing it I find it very strange, the only thing I could think is I did fiddle with the focus and zoom on 2 of the cameras, but as they all look the same I don't know which ones got put up where.
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