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  1. I'd already disconnected all the wires from the bell box - so wasn't this. I've just disconnected the wires to the internal sounder, and linked out the Aux Tamp. This has cleared the fault, display showing SYS OPEN.. ! Just need to figure whats wrong with the Aux Tamper now! Should be able to sort this out myself. Thanks for your help. Nick
  2. I've just put in the link and it is still displaying BELL TMP. The control box is at fault. Is there anythingelse to try?
  3. Thanks for this. What do you you mean exit to the Day/Off state?
  4. My alarm comprises a Menvier TS690R wireless control panel with a Odyessy 4E bell box. Recently I replaced the cable between the control panel and the bell box. Since then the control panel displays the message BELL TMP, preventing me from setting the alarm. I've checked the microswitch on the bell box is closing correctly and that the wiring connections are good. In test mode the bell and the strobe function correctly. How can I establish whether the control panel or the bell box is at fault? The manual for the control panel does not list the displayed fault. Do I need to perform a reset to clear this fault? I have the passcode for Engineer, but entering this and pressing ESC does not clear the fault. Any help on this would be useful! Thanks.
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