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  1. Thanks all, I guess the way forward is flush door contacts after all.!
  2. I had an ET button on my previous system but, would you believe it, lots of visitors mistook it for the door bell! RE the door I was just looking for a method requiring minimal work to be carried out on the door. We will have a CCTV doorbell/intercom system and I thought some form of external proximity switch would sit alongside it on the wall. Sounds like it's not so simple as I thought!
  3. I have a G2-20 system which is finally set by magnetic contacts located within the final exit door. I am about to replace the door and am looking to install a means of setting the system without the need to have magnetic contacts in the door. Currently I start the setting process by using a proximity tag at the keypad and then close the mag contacts in the final exit door within the delay period, Qu. Does anyone know of an external proximity detector which I could mount on the wall next to the final exit door which I could program to be used with the same tag I use to start the setting pro
  4. Does anyone know if there is there a colour code convention for wiring alarm systems? eg for passive IR detectors. I can see that red and black would be used for +/- 12v which is obvious but say in an 8 or 6 core cable which would be normally used for N/NC and tamper? On my Galaxy system Green -and White are used for the bus A and B but is there a general convention for alarm system wiring.? or is it just a case of being consistent throughout each installation?
  5. I need to extend my Galaxy 60 alarm system to add 3 IR detectors in a games room /workshop which is at the end of my garden c.90m from the main panel in my house. Will I need a RIO with a PSU/backup battery or just a regular Rio.? Also is a Galaxy 2-20 Rio/PSu compatable with the Galaxy 60. Hoping someone can help. Graham
  6. I have been trying to find a way of accessing my Galaxy G2-20 Alarm panel via the web and (perhaps foolishly) purchased a Galaxy Ethernet Module 2 (Honeywell Part no.E080-2).Software vers 2.01 hardware 1.00. On reading the installation instructions I now see that it is compatable with Galaxy panels 8,18,60,128,500,504 and 512 !! Does anyone know if the module might work with a G2-20 and if so can it be programmed for direct web access or is the Galaxy Gold software an absolute requirement? Thanx
  7. I'll try that. The reason I wanted to use tags on this system is that I have used tag set/tag unset in my own house system (Galaxy) for years and never had a problem (wish I hadn't said that, tempting fate) and for all the user members of my family some quite young and others quite elderly it makes the process so much simpler than using codes and pressing wrong buttons. I'm on the side of tags (when they work)
  8. So whats the difference? Can you make a proxtag into a programmed prox tag or is this set at manufacture?
  9. Thanks for the quick response. Another thing which has been baffling me is programming keytags. I programmed two users with keytags (obtained from different sources) Both keytags looked identical,both presented OK to the keyprox and a healthy string of digits appeared followed by two beeps. However when I tried to set the alarm only one will initiate the setting proc and unset ok. The other gives one beep then nothing. I am guessing that the one of these that doesn't work is not compatable with the Honeywell Galaxy system even tho it looks identical and is recognised and able to be progra
  10. thanks Redbull, is that in addition to the exit time parameter 51.04 being set to 0 ? I'll give it another go in the morning when the siren wont disturb the neighbours!
  11. Can someone help clear my addled brain! Having installed a Galaxy G2-20 in a domestic premises I have checked out all the hardware comms etc and am now programming zones. The final exit door has a regular door contact and I want this to terminate the setting procedure on leaving the premises. I would like to initiate a 30 sec delay whilst setting and for this to be terminated as soon as the door is finally closed and look forward to hearing the system set confirmation tones. The door is set as Zone 1001 on the main panel and I have programmed this Zone as exit (menu 52 1 01) I have set
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