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  1. HI I hope someone can help. I have taken over the maintenance of an alarm system and it has a GSM Dialler fitted but I can find any information about the unit. The product says Milestone Innovations 2002, SMshield Mk1 ISS4. I could do with knowing the connection and how to change the numbers it dils. Regards ken
  2. Hi There I'm new to this forum so please be gentle with me, I work for a company called lenstronic based in the pontefract area. Be around the security industry since 1996 in various rolls, workshop manager for a company huddersfield, then moved to Grundig as a sales manager, then on to a fibre optics manuafcturer as a sales manager, but my heart belongs in engineering, before comming to the CCTV & security industry I was a TV & Video industry. Thanks for reading and all the best to everyone
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