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  1. Thanks for taking an interest. I've tried on two Galaxy 16+ v3.69SWE on Dualtech TS100 GSM transmitters which imitate a normal PSTN landline. That didn't work. I've also tried on a Galaxy Dimension GD48 (unsure of program version but definitely up to date, I got it of eBay UK so it's running British firmare). Since the good stuff didn't work anyway I thought I'd try something else so I got a crappy generic GSM dialer of Aliexpress. Same result. Both panels/dialers call out to the modem pool just fine but wont negotiate a connection or connect with th
  2. I'm trying to get some Galaxy panels to send alarms through SMS modem pools via GSM transmitters that emulate PSTN. I've tried it with both the 16+ (SWE 3.69) and the Dimension48 and a couple of different GSM Transmitters but it simply won't work. It dials out fine but can't connect to the modem. I've pretty much admitted defeat already but it would be nice to know why it won't work and if GSM -> Modem is generally known to create issues.
  3. It's a Swedish panel with Swedish program version 3.69 just as the previous three I've set up. I don't really know what arc tones are but the line is nice and clear and although you people say IP-lines are notoriously unreliable the dialing never fails. It is the modem negotiation that fails over and over. I can't change the number since Generic Mobile are to my knowledge the only company that provides the service. I have also set the panel to just dial my mobile phone and beep (hey it's better than nothing) after the priority alarm transfer (which always fails) and that hasn't failed even
  4. I have no idea what a SIP line is. And yes, this is the third time I set up a 16+ to send SMS. Don't know about UK-versions but these Swedish versions (3.69) have this option but I believe you're thinking about the non plus version. I don't really understand how it could be a timing issue, as I wrote, when I listen in I can hear the modem dialing, getting a a connecion, negotiating with the answering modem which always fails and then hangs up. There are no timing issues with dialing, it dials and connects to receiver every time. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is the modem that does the di
  5. Hi I have a Galaxy 16+ which I'm trying to get to send out alarms as SMS. I've done this before without problems, only difference this time is that the phoneline is not a standard analogue phoneline it's a "simulated" analogue line from my broadband modem. I have to the best of my knowledge set it up correctly with phonenumbers, id, trigg and so forth and when I connect a standard phone parallel to the panel I can hear it calling up the modem but I doesn't seem to be able to establish a connection so after some ten seconds or so failing to negotiate a connect it hangs up and tries again. A
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