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    hum.... taking alarm's to r&d levels ow the stuff u can learn wile on the job :-D out side of this, biking and music, tv, computers, electronics.


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  1. I have Baxall Vivid 4.0 firmware and applications software, I need an earlier software version

  2. only thing i can add is spell checker like in gmail dono if thats hard to incode but copy'ing to open office or other online editors is a pain so most times i dont bother or ask my misses to check it for me, this ticks some members off but takes me ages to reply, though if this is no help to others im not expecting it but might help others it makes my gmail easyer.
  3. lol nope but that fence was covered in 4years worth of fast growing bush weed thing, one bank hols later just whats left in the corner
  4. and now the sun comes out see how poor it gets now lol but for free who cares lol
  5. just reread some of you post i would not wire a camera in rain or wet as this will get condensation problems and be unsafe as ladder could slip out i would just rebook it,
  6. castle euro dose sillent set on area also can turn bells and digi com off for night set got ticked off with my txts going off at night time when i set it off to get a drink lol can you not change sounder output on keypad to spare? *00, *01? or set up groups and chenge e/e horn to group one only? also you can tell its set by count down stoping on rkp if you have one upstairs that is and yes i woke up then and got punched by my GF when i went back up stairs lol i did find out i had missed my entry pir on stairs lol
  7. these are ir bullit cameras cheep looking kit got for free not sure what thay are as no model number but only cameras that i have have that are external so with out getting housings at
  8. couldent agree more with above comments a good camera would set you back
  9. on standard cable in locations for equipment could work but 485 might go funny and have rio's dotted around. ID would be better or wireless, though ID should be fine if installed to very high standard with eol cap + irf filter in panel, castle stuff would work wounders seen meny sites wired in ID just make very good job of it, other kit could work but never used, only karizma and way to old for a new install also castle have had ID on panels for years. also with id you can allways add more with out wiring too much
  10. dont link out as if program is made properly it should work with just how its programed also big site 800ms per zone think the regs say a responce time in there somewere of about 2s or some thing like it on zone open, regs in car its cold im on my way to bed lol but yea could just be bad data on 485 lines crashing the 500, big euros get slow not bad but exit eng test takes a wile about same as galaxys on big euro loads of 1k's in panel good if you need some spairs at a pinch lol
  11. castle have shunt zones exacly for this but you could get a dubble poll switch and use one side to short over contact and other to be intruder zone so if left shunted it wont allow system to set and also if some could acsess it then shunting would cause alarm when set, also you could fit an extra keypad near door and can just silence 24hour alarm when unset and would couse full alarm on set. zone type would be security on galaxy
  12. also a nice bit of cat 5e from master pount to were you want your computer for adsl wile its all being redone can use any left over for alarm phone point
  13. i have to agree with you there are young are hopeless and with the way things are set up it just breeds this litraly "i want a baby" probly said in some house estate in the last 5mins by 14year girl with only that to look forward to so gose off get her self up duff set fine example to her kid that then follows now get some one with hope she tell lad to f
  14. sorry thorght u were going for a eng manual i have posted user guide on this site in the past ill post that again if needed
  15. how meny english men go to asia to set up pedo rings? each contry has its problems and every other contry see's them in difrent ways we dont go down so well abroard, also when you do risk assesments for any install who are you trying to keep out i bet it's are own JSA lot
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