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  1. im going on advice on this one and id rather not try and run to fast business is good at the moment and i think it will get better wether im ssaib or nsi
  2. i have enlisted to join the ssaib for the first time and have my inspection on december 11th does anyone have some advice thanks andy amb alarms
  3. i decided to go with the dvr without audio explained to the customer the sensitivity of its functions and she agreed in principle that we shall not have audi however i did manage to persaude her now she has a fully funcional dvr system and is happy with that thanks for the help guys
  4. thanks for that peice of imformation ilkie i have warned the customer that it will be a end user problem and not mine if they wish to use audio then it on there heads but thanks again for thr usefull help regards andy amb alarms
  6. we have a data protection certificate on this one
  7. will see if i can get the dvr upgraded or use the usb to pc connection
  8. i gathered that was looking for a second opinion andy
  9. can any one tell me if i have a dvr without audio on board is there any way i can have audio via a amp or type device
  10. that would be a good idea chris im sure we can exchange some good points and info andy
  11. it was a good course i just had a lot to contend with all the travelling and so on but yes dave is a good bloke so is all the staff at sq but i will take on board your comments regards andy amb alarms
  12. thanks guys but i was on the course and i just find it hard to do pc stuff we drove from scotland after doing one course then onto another one the next day so got confused with the technical issues was looking for some one to give me a hands on experiance so that i can watch it being done instead of being told how it is done
  13. alan i did the system q course but need iiiiimput lol
  14. thanks guys much appreciated andy
  15. so it may be a pain then
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