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  1. I'm fitting a cctv p2p, to a sky speed stream router.The pub gets cloud, its free, our system will not work with it due to permission.we have no password for the router and don't know if it is possible to reset it and then portforward. Has any one done something similar.
  2. How many of the wires would you connect to the balun , I have used 2 per terminal over 100 meters. And should I have done this differently.
  3. I have not been very clear , here goes The cameras are powered by separate cable ( not cat 5) and PSU. The cat 5 cable has 8 wires which I have used on 2 cameras, 2 to + 2 to- and same for the second camera. Should I have used 1 cable using 4 per camera ?
  4. Yes the connection is baluns with a seperate PSU for power running 4 cameras at 1 amp each all on a seperate cable not using the cat 5 for anything other than picture.
  5. I have installed 4 cameras ,longest run 100 metres , But the pictures are poor is this due to me using only two of the wires for + and two for - , the cat 5 cable is solid copper , I have used this before to longer runs , with 4 for + and 4 for - , and it worked fine, is there a limit o the distance per how many wires you use. Any help would be appreciated.
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