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  1. Hi all Im looking for a installation manual for gaurdall BM5 smoke beams any one help housty
  2. houstonsecurity@hotmail.co.uk mate housty
  3. How to wire it and how to address the call points because it never came with a manual?? and also for my own knowledge housty could you e mail me them? housty
  4. Hi all Im looking for a engineers manual for a intercall 600 nurse call system. Can anyone help housty
  5. Hi all Ive got a friend who has 5 computers in his work and wants me to network them.What is the easiest way of doing it.He also wants a telephone point at each. What equipment(Hub etc etc)should i go for and what do i need???. Housty
  6. You would have though scantronic would have made this panel DD243 compliant any ideas why not?? housty
  7. Hi all Is the scantronic 9651 DD243 compliant? And can you send a confirmed signal?? housty
  8. Hi arch We are based in Uddingston just outside Glasgow housty
  9. Hi there arch I am based in Glasgow and are SSAIB approved and have heared of SPI at the Trongate they fit mostly Guartec panels and are NSI silver. Anyway the 9651 is a good panel and is easy to program.Texecom veritas and R8+ are also good and can be fitted just as easy. PS where in Glasgow are you? housty
  10. Hi all Does anyone know if the DVR cards you get for your computer are any good? Can you get realtime cards? housty
  11. the reason i was asking this was because i just started an electrican and he was saying its something i should look into doing. I know there will be a lot to it i didnt think there wasn't. I may be out of my depth but he wont be.
  12. Hi all Could anyone tell me what test are involved in a domestic rewire before a Electical Certificate can be issued? IE when all the cables are ran back to the consumer unit and ready to be connected in? What readings do you measure? housty
  13. Hi all Just bought a hardwired broadband filter for redcare and i need to know how to wire my crimps for the end.There are 4 copper prongs that go on to the crimp i need to know which is 5 and 2 housty
  14. Hi Mate you probably wont get a hold of the engineer code from the installer.Best bet is to ask someone to come and have a look at it housty
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