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  1. Not strictly true, regardless of whether there is a nest there or not, if your property has had a wasp nest and is in "flight path" there is a possibility it will always be targetted, and god knows how this works but every next generation of wasp will know where your property is.
  2. I went for a pair of Honeywell AG8's in the end mate, all the oddy's I could find with a reasonable delivery cost were the economy versions, plus the AG8 is probably a better size profile for the area's they need to go on my property.
  3. It was a 2nd hand keypad from what I can only work out from the items description as a decomissioned system, but obviously there is a chance of any (auction) description being a little far from the truth. However I did not buy the main control unit via ebay. I've ordered the Bell and PIR's today.
  4. Yeah the economy is only one piezo, but the full version's not listed on the site im getting the panel, I Want the free delivery so getting everything from them .
  5. Just in the process of ordering a 2-20, won a prox RKP on a famous auction site, was branded AD* but i'm assuming it will work ok and the standard prox keys will work ok with it?. Next I've gotta choose a bell and PIR's
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply! The euro is in the list as I feel it's got the nicest looking rkp, but tbh I don't think the build quality of lower end castle products have been that good from what I have seen and doing a quick search on here returns very little in the way of their products. Galaxy is currently one i'm really swaying to, I know for a fact that a lot of galaxy kit is re-branded by a few national installers which indicates it's good kit. I'm going to loose the risco 420x off the list I think, although it might be a great panel, the lack of sms and voice only is putting me off a
  7. I'm going to fit a new alarm system to my new place this week, I just put a ADE/Honeywell G4 Accenta (LCD RKP) in but I took it all back out this evening as it is a bit basic for my needs so fitting it for a relative instead. The shortlist for the panels so far are. Texecom Premier 24 with com2400 Castle care-tech euro one Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 & prox key rkp Risco/Gardtec 490x I like the idea of them having a modem, most of the above are can send sms as most of you reading this will probably know, 490x is speech iirc, sms would be the initial preferred method of notification but I c
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