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  1. I would say more like 20k. Be careful I've worked on buildings like that before.
  2. Connections 7 and 8 you could, connect these as a zone with 2 x 1k resistors
  3. On them times I'd like to work for you
  4. Hi mate. I like the samsung DVRs and for the the price Samsung monitors are mint. If you need to keep the cost down look at using VGA monitors. As for cameras I think you get what you pay for
  5. Hi David I'm intrested if these roles are still available. Lee Mob:- xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Hi Sam. I wish all the best luck and don't like to sound negative but this really is not the best time my friend, as work is on rasions at the moment. The best advise I'd give is leave it 12 months because this recession will not last for ever. If you need any advise feel free to contact. Good luck
  7. LDM


    Thanks for the info chaps
  8. LDM


    Hi guys Who is the best ARC for me to use for my Intruder stuff AND CCTV stuff. I would appreciate the feed back boys.
  9. Fire and Security Installers WWW.secure-solutions.info Tel:- 0844 357 9031 Mob:- 07709 736 987
  10. Hi C, You make it sound easy. What advise cud you give to someone like myself trying to grow my small company, other than all the basics like quality of work and advertising.
  11. Hi there and welcome. If you really wanted to push the boat you could buy a Galaxy panel with a touch-screen keypad.
  12. I'm a subbie based in Manchester looking for work in Fire, Cctv, Intruder,Access Controll. If you can help P.M. me Kind Regards
  13. I'm a subbie. so the problem is when you work for different companies you have to fit what has been sold unfortunatley. Beggers can't be choosers. Ok sorry about that The stuff I'm using, you cable from cam to transmitter and the transmitter obviousley needs line of site with the reciever and branches of trees blowing seems to be affecting the signal on off on off .
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