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  1. Again, thanks for the help. A forum member has kindly assisted in finding them for me. B) Now the fun begins...
  2. Thanks for that. Already registered with Honeywell a few months ago while looking for a manual on a Maxcom or something like that... Sadly, the part number doesn't get any hits.
  3. On my hunt for a manual on our VCL dome cameras, I'm under the impression that VCL were taken over by Honeywell. Is this true and if so - did Honeywell keep the part numbers of the VCL cameras? !
  4. Won't comment on site incase there are prying eyes! Job title is Instrument Craftsman. Google led me here! Can't find any manuals y'see! (Unless I'm not asking the right questions.... ) Thanks for the pointers though, but already tried the simple stuff. I was hoping to change the levels coming out of the camera but the DVR only accesses its on board menu. This is why I want a manual!
  5. Tell me about it... I tried to persuade the powers that be to get a local firm in. Eventually they told me it was impossible because the system is on hire-purchase! Roll on December! Yeah, this company included - the quality of the installation work is shocking! And I'm not saying that I can do a better job than anyone. All I wanted to do was adjust the brightness on one camera, disable patrolling on another and connect via laptop to another's telemetry! (Auto-pan on when power comes back!)
  6. I'm site maintenence - my job is to fiddle. And they're probably breaching their contract by being so bloody useless. Reported a camera and keyboard u/s to them today - they said they'll ring back when they get a date to visit site (they're 4 hours away). Bet I don't see them until June.... Looking at these posts, it seems you CCTV installers are all the same - very unhelpful to anyone outside your elite. We're not all dumb sods. I can maintain emission monitor lasers, phone systems, site IT network but CCTV? Oh no, that's for the experts... apparently.
  7. Interesting post this one and doesn't help someone in my situation. I am not exactly an end user. I am the first point of call for the end user. If it's a specialist job or a warranty repair, I call the company who is contracted to look after our system. These people are useless. Example: I had a DM keyboard causing cameras to 'wander'. I sent it away to them for repair. After 8 weeks I had to phone them up to ask where the hell the board was. They were "wondering why it had been sent" to them as they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I get it back, plug it in and hey presto - problem still there. Over 8 weeks of downtime for naff all. Today I get a call to it again and now it's completely dead. I've also had an engineer/installer in to sort out a brightness issue on one of our VCL cameras. He left site and the problem was still there. He also didn't have an answer when asked what he's going to do about it. Today I had a look at it myself, but can't quite nail it. Problem is improved but not sorted. I'm sure it's a simple job, I just don't have the resources/knowledge to fix it. The amount of hours I've wasted trying to figure out small problems is unbelievable. All for the sake of a decent manual. Our high end phone system came with all the manuals you'll ever want, but the CCTV? Nope. To log on and see engineers keeping their cards close to their chest is annoying. I want the problem sorted TODAY, not in three weeks. If I want them here TODAY, they will charge 4x as much - if they turn up at all. Some would it's an issue between myself and the company paid (lots) to look after the system. Maybe, but my life would be a damn site easier if I had a manual.
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