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  1. Hi all, back again. Sorry to go on... just a thought. I did a bell test on the system and it didn't go off, the internal alarm / sounder / buzzer (whatever it's called!) on the control went off but not the external bell. Does this mean I can probably cut / disconnect the wires to the external bell box without it going off? I realise you guys can't give out disabling info etc, am hoping it's ok to ask this! I've been quoted
  2. Am 3miles from Nottingham center so will go have a look on the installers list section...
  3. Take a look at: www.no-ip.com It's free and probably just what you're after. There really is no need to pay for a static IP...
  4. Is it? Fair point - I have no idea! In two minds as what to do but need to do something... Either get someone round to take out 9200 then replace with a cheapy wireless by myself or get someone round to try and find fault with 9200... any ideas roughly how much it'd cost to get someone to fit new battery etc? Cash is tight due to house move!
  5. To be honest I was thinking wireless would be easier to fit esp if it's dodgy / old cabling that's randomly setting off the current alarm.
  6. Yep, I work in IT security and can see what a bad idea that would be.... wasn't sure whether having the engineer code etc would prevent that ifno being of major use though. Thanks anyway.... i've looked on yell.com for intruder alarm firms but they all just seem to fit them.... i guess they'd uninstall as well? ps thanks for the quick replies.
  7. Hi all, First post so please be nice! I've recently moved into a house which has a Scantronic 9200 installed. Previous owner told us it went off randomly and it does. I have the user and engineer codes and want to uninstall it and possibly replace with a cheapy wireless kit. I've looked through the instruction manuals for the system (left by previous home owner) but can't see how to remove the Scantronic 9200. I guess merely removing / cutting power from control panel and ringer box will set the alarm off? Don't want that! I'd be really greatful for any advice anyone has.
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