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  1. Going through the log there are three instances of 'Tamper: External Siren' amongst the usual events like arm/disarm!
  2. I installed an ESP Infinite Wireless Alarm about a year ago and up until recently it's behaved perfectly. Now every couple of days it false alarms even when not armed. It's not choosy about the time of day this happens, in fact it happened just 5 minutes ago! The control panel is not reporting low batteries in any of the PIR's or the external siren, which is why the bahaviour is baffling me. Any ideas or areas to check?
  3. I'm using the power supply supplied with the unit, this morning I tried another of the same rating but still no joy. You'd at least expect a beep or flash of the LED's on the siren once the external power is switched on, but nothing. Beginning to suspect that the circuitry at the AC in points is faulty. There's a transformer block on the siren's circuit board could it be that which is not working?
  4. Hi I've installed the ESP Infinite system and everything was ok apart from after connecting the 12v transformer to the external siren (INF-WES) it is providing no power to the siren. The control panel is also saying 'AC Loss External Siren'. The siren works ok on battery and the transformer seems to work ok (did a quick test powering a PS2 with it). Do I have a faulty siren box here?
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