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  1. just wondering has anybody or does anybody use adata, formly known as ljd. i remember the company i work for used to use there stuff and it seemed good, that was bout 4 years ago though. just wanted to know has anybody used there stuff recently?
  2. think i have a spare dg834 of the van, i heard the zytel can be a bit of a handle bars
  3. im nearly certain its TCP/UDP
  4. going to a job on monday morning to connect a zytel router to a american dynamics edvr, anybody ever do port forwarding on these routers, ive never came accross one before, anyone help???
  5. let me know how you get on with it. and give me a idea of what price the stuff is?
  6. was looking to know what would be a good 4/8 channel dvr for a domestic install. not cheap stuff, somthing with decent harddrive at least 250gb, cd drive, and networkable so can connect to netgear router for remote viewing? also a good flat screen monitor because the ones my work uses are the bests and quite often get few complaints from costumers and last a good external dome camera. day/night or infrared at least 480 tvl im just a pricing a few domestics for my self and would like to try and get it right 1st time. if you could give me an idea for what products yous guys would recommend and what price and were to get if from? this would be a great help, thanks
  7. mk2dee

    Fused Spur

    just as i thought i was alway told to spur 2.5t&e off a ring main why wouldnt you recommend coming off a lighting circut with 1.5 t&e?
  8. mk2dee

    Fused Spur

    a fused spur for a domestic alarm. just to settle a we argument at work lol, is it ok to spur off a ring main in 2.5 t&e? and what about spuring off lighting circut im 1.5 t&e? what is the proper reg for spurs for alarm? cable size? etc
  9. just sent it there now mate
  10. whats the email address you send a photo of your id to, it keeps saying delivery failure after i try to send it this is the email address i have vetting@thesecurityinstaller.co.uk,??
  11. ive sent a scan of my id already to vetting@thesecurityinstaller.co.uk, did you not get it? ill forward it again, let me no if you u get it
  12. just a quick question, how long does it usually take to be vetted for trade membership?
  13. how can you get a code to turn on and off an output on the galaxy? i know how to assign the code to the output, through links, but forget the rest, ive done it before but cant remember. does the code have to be at level 0?
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