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  1. Ah but you know that a wired fire system is going to perform for a good time during a fire mainly due to FP200, but i think thats the last thing on anyones mind "i wonder if the fire alarm is still working" when there building is burning. anyways back to the original subject, the building is 4 floors like a farm house and half of it i have the chance to wire allready, but the rest will have to be wireless, the client is also concerned that she does not want a dutty great big fire panel in her hall, is there any where else it would be acceptable to install it with a repeater to the hall? Regs
  2. Hi there I have been asked to install a fire alarm at a farm building out in the middle of nowhere, the client is turning it into a b&b, they have been advised that they need a fire alarm system i have not been told yet what category anyways he has said to install wireless detectors throughout, but i know that building is made out of a iron based stone, my father has previously installed a wireless base station in there house for them and the signal was shockingly poor (it would only work with devices in the same room as it) so i ask do you have to follow the fire officers exact requirements of a wireless system where in this situation it would be a complete waste of money! or can a wired alarm be fitted? but the new part of the building is almost done now and installing cables to it would be a kick in the face, can you have a hybrid system?? or is that a no no regs alex
  3. I know i "dont do fire" but would master blasters work, or do you have to have a way or the panel knowing thats its in full working order, eg: go into fault if its not working regs alex
  4. Yup its a complete mess so its all coming out, i am going to fit the new system i have decided, i am rather competent with electronics and the fire alarm is not a requirement simply a add on, but i will be following the book! addressable would be preferred, but from what i have previously read it will be hard being able to get a panel that will run the heads i would like to use apollo XP95 addressable heads, can anyone advise me on panels which will run that protocol, and what base sounders can i use? regs alex + the previous owner of the house wont give me the info of who installed the last system, i would think he did it him self because all of the rest of his "handywork" is cr$&
  5. sorry to cause confusion, i meant if you drop the detector (being with the sounder too as they are base sounders) the detector circuit reports a fault but the sounder circuit does not report a fault, as for the panel its got no brand on it what so ever, just a simple white box with 3 buttons on it, 2 zone i have removed more flooring to reveal more cables etc, and upon finding that halfway down the building the fire cable changes into T+E i have decided to rip the whole system out and re-fit it myself, i am a cctv installer so obviously this really isn't my field of expertise, and i will probs get a professional company out to quote me for a complete re-fit what would you guys suggest for a residential (but very large) building we are talking 6 bedrooms plus basement, garages, etc but we dont want separate sounders, base sounders would be best, regs alex
  6. All the detectors are wired in correctly, but the sounders are spured off one wire with a end of line in the last sounder (which is in a conventional sounder in the attic) no log book and no certificates and i have no idea who makes the panel, regs alex
  7. Hi there just moving into a old office building (1830s stone building) and its being turned back into a house, it has just had a brand new fire alarm fitted but the other day i had to drop a apollo detector to get a bit of plasterboard up and the panel didnt report a fault, this is a conventional system btw, i looked into this further and the system will report a fault if you remove a detector, but if you take out a sounder (base sounders in all the rooms) it has no problem, i have bell tested and they all work but it just seems to think everything is fine with no end of line, then i ripped up the floor in the room above and the sounder cable goes into a steel box marked "FIRE ALARM SOUNDER" where it is jointed with the base sounder its over then the cable carrys on to the next sounder, so each detector and sounder has 3 cables etc is there any problems with this style of system, or should there be no joints i give credit to whoever installed the system because they have really put the effort in and have made sure you cant see any fire cables apart from the ones in the basement and comms room, but i am concerned about all the joints regs alex
  8. Sorted! Thankyou for your help guys! A true asset to the forum! regs alex
  9. Ahh i dont have the insurance, i know you have to show signs at normal entry points of the building, i just thought that was it pluss will drain pipe do the job?? because i thought the smoke would be hot? regs alex
  10. Hi there, Where would i be able to get hold of new smoke cloak fluid, for a system 4000, plus i am installing the unit in a attic over the main stair way up the entire building, but how would you suggest i get the fog stream from going sideways in the attic to going down through the ceiling, we are talking a distance of less than a foot, but is there any special ducts that should be used, regs alex
  11. same here, 95% of my equipment on my houses are second hand high end stuff, and its all still got years ahead of it, and is sitll better quality than that cheap chinese tat you get on ebay, regs alex
  12. I would asume that it is optional, i only wired up a dc head yesterday, but that was a dennard, never dealt with any MAD stuff before regs alex
  13. i dont know where you could rent one but i have a old bt tester which you connect the cores of the cable to it and it will tell you where there is a break O/C or S/C and if fairly accurate on the distance, usually within about 2m http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TESTER-301C-TDR-EX-B...A1%7C240%3A1318 works a treat there should be someone who rents them regs alex
  14. Oh dear god sam! i have shed loads of the stuff, what exactly are you looking for? ++ if you have a baxall pyramid installer card i will bow down to you! regs alex
  15. Yeah Bee Tee Alarms are based in northampton about a mile away from where i live and we see the van about all the time in the summer regs alex
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