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  1. Have done that too, still doesn't happen
  2. Is that the little button underneath the unit? if so done that. Or do you have to hold it in for any length of time?
  3. I have a tomtom 530 traffic and until late last week I have been able to either have the rds traffic reciever or ipod plugged in to my tomtom. But then when either are plugged in none are recognised. Can anyone offer any help???
  4. Yes it was one hell of a balls up install! ha ha
  5. Do we have enough ammo against them?
  6. A friend of mine had a wirless intruder system fitted to their house in 2007 with monitoring. The system has never worked correctly from install ( by an agent for a national ) . There is no external ball box, the only sounder is the internal one from the control unit fitted into an upstairs wardrobe. It cost
  7. Only seen one once, and never again I hope. Customer tried a weekly test on a mcp and nothing . Went to site and found that over half of the devices on loop 1 had vanished from the memory. Had to re learn them back onto the loop 1 by 1. Took ages, customer not happy, neither was I. Tech support a joke! Just my experience and humble opinion of course
  8. Worked on them a few years ago. An 8 loop version with 800 + devices on system. Loop 2 went down in the panel within 2 hours of plugging the thing in. Tech support is interestiing to say the least with endless phone calls to Portugal who give weird advice. I had a isolation stuck on the panel and unable to re enable, tech support told me to do a few things, It did clear the disablement along with the panel!! also found the the aux on expansion panels don't work. They are not the cheapest either, was told that a Morley was
  9. I was advised to reset the loop by a person trained by Gent to train others
  10. Hi Dom, Had a faulty sounder/strobe in a warehouse that displayed a HW fault, and a heat that was brand new I may add !? In both cases the only way to get around the problem without a spare was to remove the device and reset the card. As a matter of interest do you work for Gent?
  11. Best combination for me, apollo and morley. Spoken to Protec tech support and as long as they think you are a customer in need and not an engineer on site having problems they are great!!! Worked with Gent vigillon, long winded, HW fault shuts down the loop ( really handy when you haven't got a spare sounder/strobe in the boot and cannot access it to loop it through! ) cracking bit of desingn chaps! Just my humble opinion
  12. Hi chaps, I have got a DM Sprite dvr, the one with the different coloured buttons on the front. Last time I plugged it in about 3 months ago it worked fine but now it takes ages to boot up and when it does it displays dsk problem - may be wrong FAT version suggest using monitor to reformat disk. Can this be fixed easily?
  13. Many thanks for all your posts, all is now sorted The installation company have advised that there were a batch a while ago that when the temperature went below -2 ( never gets much above in Scotland! )that the bellboxes would fail. It is being replaced FOC
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