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  1. THANKS MODS for lifting my warning ...illl try to be more responsible on the security side of things Istorm (ian) thanks again for offer but havnt found one yet so...if anyone else can find me an old optima xm 4 front cover then it be great and much appreciated thanks calamero
  2. Mod please.. i posted a thank you to istorm yesterday and my post isnt up yet? i see a warning below my name im guessing thats because i offered to help someone mend there panel...im sorry if thats not allowed ie...info on resetting panels...i understand and promise not to disclose info like that in future thank you calamero
  3. Wow thanks istorm nice one!!!! Yep why not its working great ...im into electronics anyway and saves me building one sorry missed your quote ... i think it was dunped because previous users didnt know how to reset the panel as alarm sounded continously and keyboard was frozen to fix i did a *******and created a new pin for myself...sounds clever but you in the know will know hoe quick ans dimple a job that is calamero
  4. Sorry everyone been busy lately but many thanks for replys! Nice one inglish but my panel is an optima XM ..4 zones..your xm 6 has 6 zones so wont fit probably Thanks though!
  5. calamero

    Optima Xm6 User Manual

    If your still looking i can point you in right direction for "complete" manual calamero Edit Sorry dont think im allowed to share full manual but im still happy to share it but without engineer settings
  6. Hello, Other day i was passing some junk that was left out for the rubbish truck and noticed an old electronic panel and thought ill take it and strip out the parts but turns out it was an optima xm alarm module which i managed to repair (keyboard was frozen and internal sounder sounded repeatedly) Its missing its front cover so i went back and searched for it but no joy:( I really like it and want to fit it in my house so i went to homebase and bought some plywood to "box it in" so that i can cover the front with wood but it be nice it i could an old 2nd hand cover coz thatll have all the zones etc already marked out If anyone see this post and knows where i can buy used covers then please let me know thank you calamero
  7. calamero

    Hello Too

    Hello everyone ,im not an alarm engineer but im interested in everything electronic:) calamero

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