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  1. Thanks for answers. I found, that due to our standards we must instal there fire alarm. Now there is other question: what type of detectors I need to use? a winter temperature about -25
  2. Sorry, there was mistake - some kind of manures, not maures
  3. Hello, There is store building (see attached foto). An ignitable materials (some kind of maures) will be stored there. Is it required to install fire alarm system in this building due to standards? Thank you.
  4. How is in your main practice - If there is a large public building (sport arena, shopping centre...) - do you install CCTV camera in surveillance (security) room - to survey them (guards)? Thank you.
  5. Can you give any internet links, where would be pictures of installed disabled people WC alarms or call systems? P.S. In google, I didn't find anything Thank you.
  6. Hello, There is large building - sport arena, where according standards it's required to design voice evacuation system. I've visited some similar premises and I noticed that there are lot's of fire alarm indoor sirens (with beacon) - in halls, corridors, etc. 1. So, if in large public building there is voice evacuation system is it required install fire alarm sounders too? (not only according standards but due to your practice too) 2. What working algorithm (typically) used for activation both sound and voice systems? Thank you.
  7. What is minimal required area for lodgement of telecommunication devices?
  8. Who can tell me, what is minimal required area for eguipment (in generic cabling systems) due to international standards (ISO/IEC)? thank you.
  9. Hello, who can help me - I'm looking for any standard for designing or planning voice evacuation system (during fire alarm) Which BS or EN are related? Thank you.
  10. So, i have made a draft (pdf, attached) where I explain my problem. I need several ADSL links due to large data amount to be transfered. Besides, I am interesting exactly in DSL (please, don't offer radiolinks, ISDN, fibre optics or some other kind of transmission). Thank you. Question_on_DSL.pdf
  11. Hello, So, regarding to ADSL standard we can transfer data through 1 pair (2 threads) at speed of 3,5 Mbps (downspeed) and at maximum distance of 5,5 kilometres. Am I correct in thinking that through one usual computer cable (for example, UTP 5e kat. 4x2x0,5 mm
  12. Yes, that's right, thank you. I want know exactly - Is there more (ANOTHER) producers of such systems? Which producers are rival with "LIOS Technology"? Thank you.
  13. Hello, There is one German producer of optical fiber linear heat detectors (based on optical cables) - "LIOS Technology". My question: Which other producers produces the same type systems? P.S. exactly: heat detection systems (for fire alarm) based on optical fiber cables. Thanks for answers.
  14. Hello, I take a look in to EN-54 standard and found nothing about linear heat detectors (thermocables). Does EN-54 describe such detectors? So, what standards regulates design and installation of this type of detector in EU? Thank you.
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