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    Our salaries differ from the guys on the main land as we multi task covering Service and Installation of Intruder, Fire, EAS, CCTV, Extinguishing systems etc etc. Obviously this is reflected in our wages. I think what we get is good but could be slightly more though as we cover a huge range of technologies. Still get a car, mobile, laptop, 30 days leave...


    Afternoon all Because there are only three of us over here in the Isle of Man, we cover Intruder systems, Fire systems, CCTV, EAS, Access, Prison systems, Extinguishing, Nursecall, PA, and basically all aspects of what ADT sell. Working a 1 in 3 callout rota does take its tolls on the old social life etc. My daughter is 8 today and ive been out 4 times already . I was just wondering if its the same for you guys? do you: a) Work in a weekly rota B) Get at least one call per day c) Find it is customer error or faulty equipment more often than not and d) Find the callouts are usually quick fixes (except prison systems) I know there is another topic somewhere about the area you cover etc... we're quite lucky. The furthest we may have to drive is 25 miles. Si
  3. Dudes Had a callout to a series 3000 and the call engineer light was flashing with no fault on the display. got it into engineers, checked the fuses, power, battery etc etc, 99'd it but still it says call engineer. any ideas? had the same in the past but it came up with either a zone or a specific fault. si
  4. sorry captain british standard!!

    Galaxy 16+ Error Code

    exactly, why can't it be reset with a CC?

    Best/worst Employers

    what for? more residents to the Island? Not really cos of the Eastern European influx............. lol no jobs going at the mo unfortunately...... subby work may be different though? I'd have to find out!!


    i guess its defined by... "Any breakdown on the system that is no fault of the installation, cabling and Hardware or Software which could have been avoided without human intevention..." ?? simon

    Best/worst Employers

    i know that applies in the UK but even ADT has different regulations in the Isle of Man. The joys of having our own Government


    no i agree, its not that i mind being called out - its all cash at the end of the day, i was just trying to get a cross section of what people have to deal with?!?!? simon
  10. quality!!! consider him sacked. anyone for a job in the isle of man? lol

    Best/worst Employers

    coolio do they do a matching thing or is it employee contribution only? sorry to be a pain, i'll phone Halesowen tomorrow
  12. it seemed to be locating the tamper when closing it but will try that too!!! can the lid t be linked out like Galaxy? Is the spring on a circuit with points anywhere?
  13. nice one, i'll try that tomorrow then. The log doesnt work, it beeps to say end of list all the time!!!
  14. The last time someone was there was Feb this year for an RI... nothing is on test.
  15. customer wont pay... even on a service day works

    Best/worst Employers

    i was never told about it, had to arrange my own through a third party. i asked my manager too and he said he had to do the same???

    Best/worst Employers

    Yeah, IOM = Isle of Man


    as far as my employer goes, you get a salary but the main frame work of your money is through the commission. if you get into sales, dont live on or rely on your commission though. i know of one guy who did and although some months he was raking it in... there are quiet times and they can be REALLY quiet. its a great area to be in if you like sales and selling a product but in my opinion, you really have to know what you are talking about to be able to sell it otherwise when the installation team have finished, us service guys have to constantly change the system to adapt it to its surroundings. (long story in there somewhere about an incinirator site and a Vesda fire system) ..................anyway

    Best/worst Employers

    ADT - great employer as far as im concerned. No company pension scheme about the only downside. Maybe its being in the IOM that makes it better but i think they are a great company

    Personal Number Plates

    most manx plates are: "letter" "3 numbers" "3 letters" or the other way around... but a lot of plates are anything up to three numbers followed by man. there's three of us engineers over here and we have english plates at the mo but open to suggestions when we change!!!
  21. hey up all - hope you are all well anyone got their comapny car tinted? 3 lettered large national installer Astra estate would be better tinted as there is too much stuff in there for the pull accross parcel shelf. anyone ever done it diy? simon


    'ey up working for "three lettered sec firm" in the IOM, we kind of multi-task over here and although i specialise in intruder systems, we do have to dabble with the world of fire...... my point is this........ anyone else sh1t themselves when you first worked on an inergen system????? i did - not literally, but i was very, very worried.

    Hey All

    Hi all Service engineer here from the Isle of Man Worked for (a) (d) (t) for a year now, just found this site - which could have been even more useful a year ago!!! Simon

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