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  1. I've just moved into a house with an Abacus 8 alarm panel, the previous owners didn't have a code for the unit and therefore neither do i. Is there any way to either find the code or reset it? I could also do with a manual if possible The details on it are Abacus 8 127, V23 8 (from the top of the EEprom chip inside) V235 (or 23S) on the display panel when i power up the system) If it can't be done can anyone recommend a reasonable priced, suitable new unit for a swap out, it seems to be run on passives only,. i'd like to add a remote keypad by the front door too. Any other advice would be useful, i'm not trained directly in alarm systems but have extensive experience and training in industrial electrical and electronic systems so i'm not too worried about swapping the panel over if required. Thanks in advance

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