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  1. Thanks for the feedback gents. Yes - the unit was totally powered down (mains & battery) before the 960 dialler was "plugged-in". Also, the telephone line is connected via broadband filter. Any other ideas? Appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello All, I moved into a place a few years back which had a 9800 Scantronic alarm system fitted. It's fairly old, but still works fine. I've had quotes to upgrade it, but was way beyond my budget. I recently acquired a 960 speech dialler/digital communicater. Its has the standard scantronic plug-on interface, so I simply opened up my 9800 panel and plugged the communicator in. I got a telephone line extension (that works) plugged into it, however, on lifting the handset the LED light on the panel should come on and I should get a dial tone....I don't get either. I've read the install instruction for the 960 many times and I cannot figure out what I'm missing. My questions is do I need to do anything else to get the 960 speech dialler working? I assumed it got its power and triggers via the plug-in pins. Any guidance or words of wisdom would be appreciated. .
  3. Greetings All. I moved into a property that has a 9800 scantronic alarm system fitted. Its a bells only system. I year ago it started going off so my Mrs rang the number of the "engineer" that fitted it. The end result was that the internal siren cable was cut and the fuse pulled out from the spur socket. I'm not sure why this was suggested and was quite surprised when I got home to find this out. Anyway, now whenever I power up the system again all I get is a code "SR" - which the manual states is a sytem reset. I'm really keen to get the system working again and know it needs a new internal battery and the siren internal reconnected. However, I'm a bit stuck with the SR code - does this need an Engineers Code? How do I get this cleared to get the system working again? The original engineers that fitted it does not deal with alarms anymore and anyone else I talk to is only interested in selling me a new system - something I can ill afford at this stage with given we've just had our second child. Any words of advice would be much appreciated. .
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