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  1. The alarm and speech dialler were fitted last August. Nickp.
  2. I have found the Texecom speech and text dialler for
  3. The original dialler does not call out when an alarm is triggered. The installer has checked it and it is faulty so he is going to come round and replace it. I would like one with text messaging, so I was going to buy one and ask him to fit that instead and sell on the new replacement Gardtec, or i will swap them over myself if it is easy enough. Nickp.
  4. I have a Eurosec alarm with a Gardtec speech dialler unit, which has gone faulty. I want to replace The Gardtec speech dialler with one that also has text message capability. Would the Texecom speech and text dialler work with the Eurosec alarm? Would the wiring be the same as the Gardtec? If not can anyone recommend a unit that will work and the best place to purchase it. Thanks.
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