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  1. dont forget the volt drop if your using CAT-5, 12vdc will suffer more than 24vac. measure your cable runs! it may be to much for 3x cameras over one power supply pair (brown/brown white) and you may overload your psu. It may be better to run the signals (up to 4) over NVT/CAT-5 and run a seperate low volt feed. say using "cctv-1" power cable or evan 6 or 8 core with the cores twisted to lower the voltdrop over the one core. POIP (power over ip) routers use massive supplies to push power over the cat_5 network but have to be bigger due to the power loss. loner cable run - bigger volt-drop.
  2. Electronic Security & Data Ltd Installation and Service engineers of Security Systems. CCTV, Intruder, Access, Gates & Barriers, Integrated Systems, Networking All insurance and trade cirt`s availible on request. London and South East areas Lee Nash Technical Engineer Electronic Security & Data LTD email - LEE@ESDSECURITY.CO.UK email - INFO@ESDSECURITY.CO.UK msn - ESDSECURITY@HOTMAIL.COM web - WWW.ESDSECURITY.CO.UK TEL 07973 756 717 | FAX 0208 262 0743
  3. B&Q should be the last place you go to in the quest of security product!
  4. Regards those IP address, most internal networks run standard IP addresses ie or etc etc its best to have a router as we all know, conected to the broadband line + setup. The WAN ip address is what the client would type into explorer to find the system on the web. The wan ip comes from your ISP, it will be given to you as static or dynamic. if dynamic it will change if the routers off for a few hours so you can use http://whatismyip.com/ to find it again. Example of a range If the routers set to then this will be the gateway address (internet gateway). your PC`s, printers, servers and laptops can be,, . . . . . . . up to your CCTV ip address can be set with-in this range, best to put it higher up to keep it out the way of future pc`s being added. so lets set it at so set DVR to IP= Subnet mask= Gateway= Next you will have to test things localy from the lan. from a laptop or other pc connected to the same lan enter the DVR ip address in the browser in this form (assuming DVR has webserver on port:80, most have) The DVR`s web page will be displayed, it may also download software to the pc first. Next you will have to deal with the router which will have some sort of firewall that will block access to the DVR from outside the LAN ie Internet. If the DVR is the only thing on the LAN you could set it as the DMZ (de-militerised zone), this will pass all internet traffic direct to the DVR with out and firewall. easy option but no security. If there are other PC`s on the LAN then its definatly best to do it the right way. The destruction book for the DVR will give you a list of internet port numbers that the DVR will use. These ports then need to be un-blocked and directed to the DVR. This can be done in the routers settings. one more thing, when you have to the WAN ip for the customer it will not work locally- you will get the routers log- on screen. to show the customer it working you would need a laptop with a seperate internet connection of its own ie 3g data card. or get the customer to call someone that is a a computer. Loads of other things that can be pain DHCP,port-forwarding,double firewalls etc etc but thats the jist of it. anyone think of anything to add?
  5. LOL nice pic, you need a subby? oops
  6. Hey Just got signed up, already seen few people out there i know.
  7. Electronic Security & Data Ltd Installation and Service Sub-Contractors of Security Systems. CCTV, Intruder, Access, Gates & Barriers, Integrated Systems, Networking London and South East areas Lee Nash Technical Engineer
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