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  1. Good evening to all. Last year we had a mains outage that lasted for nearly 24 hours - a burnt out transformer. My alarm system was in operation on the standby battery for this period. As the battery discharged, the outside Bellbox activated. The other evening something similar happened after a mains outage time of approx 2 hours. I presume the standby battery is finished. However, should the Bellbox activate under these conitions. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Jimmy
  2. @ redbull Many thanks for your help. Jimmy
  3. Hello everybody, I have a NEXUS 8 alarm system. The standby battery is worn out and I want to replace it. If I enter the 'Engineer Code' on the remote control panel, will this disable the tamper functions? I presume that I will then be able to remove the alarm panel cover without activating the system? Is this correct? I also want to check the remote Bell Box. If I have entered the 'Engineer Code, will I be able to remove the Bellbox cover without the bell going-off? Many thanks, Jimmy
  4. Many thanks for all suggestions. Pardon my ignorance, but I am not aware of what a 'Viper' is. Could someone enlighten me! Many thanks once again
  5. UPVC Window Contact Switches ===================== These switches come with a self- adhesive pad. Even with new switches I have found that the adhesion is not strong. Can anyone recommend an alternative method for mounting these switches to provide a stronger bond? Many thanks
  6. Many thanks gentlemen for your help. I have succeeded in reprogramming the unit. In the Engineer Guide, it states that there is no need to blank out unused zones. However, when it comes to a reset, it appears that tampers for the unused zones must be in place.
  7. Thank you 'TSS' for your suggestions I am an electronics of many years years, decades, experience. I have not worked in the alarm field. About 5 years ago, I installed a Nexus 8 alarm system in my home. It has worked without a hitch up to the time of the power surge. As regards your suggestion, I have already reset the system a number of times following the procedure laid out in the engineer manual. When I try to quit the Engineering menu, the buzzer in the remote panel operates and I get a series of error messages. Entering the engineer code again returns me to to the programming menu. I never return to 'unset'.
  8. Good evening everybody. I have recently purchased a Nexus 8 alarm panel as a replacement for a similar one damaged during a series of power outages. I have tried to program the new panel. However, when I enter the engineering menu and carry out the first programming item, I cannot return to Unset 'Un' by pressing 'ESC' . I have double checked everything to no avail. I have been unable to unset the panel under any circumstances. I suspect that there is a corruption of the data in the non-volatile memory. Has anyone experience of this problem, or any ideas Many thanks
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