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  1. breff!!!!! You are a genius mate!!! I managed to get an engineers intallation manual and changed the bell settings to Hold Off = hi. Now with the new battery it seems to work properly again! I will now change the bell box to a new one. Is it worthwhile canging the whole system now?
  2. Oooops, just realised this isn't an Abacus its a Pulsar 6! I found the full user guide and the installers installation notes.
  3. LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking while I was reading it!!! Anyway, thanks guys for all the input. I really appreciate the advice. Earlier today I rang a local qualified installer for a quote. He came round and had a look at the layout of my house and said it would probably be better to replace the panel, keypad and bellbox with a Veritas R8 system. I have asked for the LCD version because I prefer to be able to check the logs following an activation for exact dates and times. It will be about 3 weeks before he can squeeze me in. In the mean time though....as breff mentioned about SCB etc, is that something I can change in engineer mode? Just until I get the new panel installed. Could this have been caused by the powercut and defective old battery? I think I will ebay the Pyronix ....unless someone wants it here of course.
  4. Hi I'm new here! I have a DA Systems Abacus that was installed when my house was built approx 10 years ago. The system was maintained under contract for a few years until the installer unfortunately went bust. Up until about 6 months ago the system was working great, with very few false activations, possibly one or two a year. Problems started when the alarm would activate on its own even when we were in the house without the alarm being set. The error message shown on the keypad was "Trouble!". The keypad lights and screen would fade and die and not accept any button presses. I eventually had to permanently put the system into engineer mode just to stop the activations. Last night we had a power cut for about 45 minutes during which the alarm sounded on and off randomly. When the power came on I tried to put it back into engineer mode but this did not silence the alarm. I had to put it into a permanent bell test and this did the trick, although the strobe is flashing the siren has now stopped???? When I come out of the bell test the siren goes again, although the keypad shows no errors. I have tried coming out of engineer mode altogether and there are still no errors and the siren still sounds. I checked all onboard fuses and they are intact/good. I have now switched the panel battery to a new, fully charged one and I tested the old one in my charger (a Optimate III motorcycle charger) and it shows it as being bad although there is still a 12.5volt charge. Any suggestions? What I have omitted to tell you is this though... With the advice of an electrician mate of mine I bought a Pyronix Sterling 10 LCD about 3 months ago with the intention of changing the panel myself. Unfortunately I could not get the bell box to silence while I carried out the work so the installation was aborted before it even began!!! Because of the problems last night I have today bout a Pyronix Belle too. I have only just found these forums and it doesn't look like the Pyronix is held in high regard amongst the tradesmen here. Shall I try to return it/ebay it and go for a Texecom Premier? What is so bad with the Pyronix anyway? Thanks in advance Jonny
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