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    Scantronic 9651 Installer Manual

    I already have the engineers code for the system, just looking for the installtion manual.
  2. Hi, is it possible to get (ive searched) a copy of the installer and programming manual for this system? My installer never left it here when he finished. Any help appreciated.
  3. pollyx

    Chubb Bellbox

    No problems, thanks for the advice. only downside is a got a damn parking ticket whilst at the alarm company agreeing the deal for 5 minutes!!!!
  4. pollyx

    Chubb Bellbox

    I think its a liberty. They want me to buy a maintenance contract for 100 plus VAT.......BUT my system is not covered by that contract as its "too old" so I would have to pay 105 plus VAT for an engineer on top. I CANT have just the engineer. Its like I have to pay 117.50 just to be in the club! and then after the contract and call I am 250 out of pocket on a potentially old knackered system. Anyway, after shopping around like suggested, tried a few local companies and have a whole new system being installed Saturday morning for 300 squids including first years maintenance. No brainer me thinks.
  5. pollyx

    Chubb Bellbox

    Thanks for the advise. I am just not happy paying Chubb 250 pounds for a maintenance contract and a call out only be told (guess what)....You need a whole new one!! The attitude I got from them last night at 10pm when my alarm was going off too puts me off giving them any work or money! I will try a couple of local firms. ,
  6. pollyx

    Chubb Bellbox

    Hi, new on here and reading through there is some fantastic info. Im having problems with my C&K Securitech System (Sentinel CA67 Panel) after a power cut. Its all powered up fine and both the panel and remote panel seem to working fine (beeps and lights) although its not accepting codes and the internal siren is constantly running. If you leave it for 10 mins it stops but starts again as soon as any PIR or door is triggered. If I power down the system from the fuse box the external siren sounds. Power it up again and the external siren stops leaving just the internal one going. Reading around on here, I suspect its battery problems as its not been serviced since 1999 according to the records. I want to change the battery in the panel and the bellbox, as that would sound a sensible start. A few questions: 1. Is the bellbox (a chubb branded one) easy to get into (any special tools) and change the battery? Ive read the threads about the loud siren and strobe voltage so will be careful there not to fall off the ladder!!!! 2. I guess the tamper will be tripped when I open either the panel or bellbox? Although removing the bellbox battery should stop it sounding? 3. Is replacing the batteries as simple as opening the boxes, putting in new ones and closing again? Using then either the factory code or my own if still in memory? Any help much appreciated. I want to try this before paying Chubb the silly money to open a contract so I can get maintenance. If not any Chubb engineers in the Stansted Airport area? Thanks,

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