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  1. Just had an e-mail from cooper stating that the O2 message centre number is to be switched off at the end of march 2012. Just for your info guys.
  2. AAAAAaaaaaarrrrgh , the joy,s of the ON-STANDY engineer....
  3. Think the security market is flooded already,the work is harder to come by as there is greater competition for the customers
  4. Wondered what the impact of the merger has been to the engineers? good/bad?
  5. Years ago (20) i worked for telecom security and we istalled a basic kit for
  6. Probably best to mount out of the way of little Percy,but always plan ahead my friend,leave enough slack cable so it can be dropped down if required
  7. Here's some food for thought,i beleive that in the not so distant future there will be "company" supported patrols for you average JOE'S house and police response will be limited to high profile sites like banks etc,etc.. If you look at new private estates a lot of security company's are connecting to a 24hr manned security office as opposed to the police,each year A.C.P.O introduce new policies to "CUT-DOWN" on wasted police time.A lot to take in but i wonder what you guy's think??
  8. Just been looking at the product reviews on the Domonial panel and wanted to give my opinion,but i do not have enough posts to place a review!! DOH!! I am not a big fan of the panel and heres why.. 1. No full log 2. Where do you put the broadband filter? 3. The end user can over-ride faults without really knowing what the fault is. 4. There is no text display 5. The system can be set with protected doors open. 6. There is no extention speaker. 7. The T.C.U (keypad) eats batterias. 8. It is recommended you open the end station with a 2p coin!! NUFF SAID!!
  9. Has anyone figured out why the G3 needs an engineer reset after an A.R.C fail ? Spoke to Galaxy and i am not convinced they really know,what are your thoughts?
  10. I thought "bell-box" spotting was a dying art. SAD,SAD,SAD!!!!!!
  11. I started it so here's the deal,if you look on the inland revenue site for the amount payable per mile for a 1400cc diesel engine or less it's still 11p a mile as a guideline,don't think they account for the weight carried in the vehicle or the drag factor from the roof rack and ladders.My "LOT" are still paying 11.3p a mile and have been for at least the last eight years!! E.N.D. O.F R.A.N.T.
  12. Its the delay in signal transmission my man,look up "loop unbundling",apparently all third party providers need to be prefixed with 1280 to put the call back on to BT's equipment,but if the third party provider has installed it's own equipment in the phone exchange then i'm affraid its's G.A.M.E. O.V.E.R...........
  13. Is it me or are //.Large National Installer.// taking the ****,got my payslip again i lost a shed load on fuel,anyone else sufferd??
  14. After sifting through some very comical replies i would like pass on my thanks to all you guys that replied,found exactly what i was looking for.Be careful out there!
  15. As an intruder engineer i dont dabble much in access control,i wonder if any of you guys could supply me a glossary of terms for access control,like the glossary for intruder and cctv on this website,PLEASE>
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