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  1. for all the replies but its mainly the driving thats getting to me. I dont mind it but not as often and far as i do.
  2. Ive got to the point where i want out now. But my qualifications will no doubt hinder me. I have 9 A-C gcse's. Various electrical and fire qualifications. But thats about it. I have 4 years experience at installing and maintaining Intruder,Fire,CCTV and Door Access systems. Is there any scope for moving into another field of work given my security experience or is it back to college for a-levels and then some sort of degree? Or a career with the armed forces? .
  3. Checking the battery would be a good start. Guardtech and Sutton Coldfield. Sounds like one of my old companys jobs lol.
  4. The huge regret of not joining the R.A.F when i had the chance. Rocky between me and the mrs. Stressfull jobs at work. Horrible customers. Amongst other things.
  5. Not my end. Things seem to get worse for me.
  6. Just wake up in the morning and think "Oh bugger its a week day" to say im down with the industry is an understatement. Ive really had enough of it now its getting repetitive. I dont get paid anywhere near enough for the hours i have to commit, the stress from the office and the responsibility i have to undertake. Its a running joke. Any advice on how i should be thinking or am i just having a bad month lol.
  7. AKA bad feedback losing out on jobs. Its a learning curve as with everything. I cannot expect to just go straight into it and become top boy. I havent got the money behind me to go it alone just yet i may do at some point. But i did think about this. If i were to run my own buissness i would want to provide a service that people want. Ive always had the impression that customers see alarms as a grudge purchase rather than something they actually want and are wiling to spend considerable amounts of money on. Obviously security is a necessity for some people.
  8. Could be an idea. At the moment im doing allot of installs of CCTV and door access, Havent done much intruder recently but ive got 3 years experience of installation both commercial and dommenstic and the same for maintainance and faults. Because as with allot of mostly domestic installations ive been on i believe i can design and provide a much more adequate system than the salesmen from both companys ive worked for. Ive seen all sorts mostly underprotection. I am genuinly interested and i have been ever since i went out to do a quote with my first gaffer. The way he confidently went around first asking the customer what he wanted then desingning a sytem to meet he customers needs and adding little bits which enhanced the system. Im unsure as to what it involves ive only seen one part of it id imagine it would involve allot of paper work.
  9. How would one go about getting into the sales side of things. How does the pay work i understand that it is largly based on commision? Is the pay good?
  10. Both companys i have worked for have been reasonably good. New company didnt provide a drill which im not happy about. Old company gave us old shed vans. Hit and miss both companys pay well and are reasonably laid back.
  11. I know an engineer who works for them. Based in Sutton Colfield. Pay well aparently.
  12. Its happend a couple of times. Was a problem on a larger system i installed.
  13. What would you all consider a good wage for an experienced engineer to be on? Fully trained. Not that id expect to be im only 3 years in but im looking long term.
  14. Ive been on a couple of installs recently where if i knock the power off to the panel for one reason or another the panel loses its programing. I thought they had NVM chips? Its a bit of a pain. Am i not doing something i should be?
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