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  1. Heard this morning there were Navy and Marines involved. My apologies, the original report was eight. God Bless them.
  2. I have a son that has served for almost four years. He was called up two days after the World Trade Center attack. He's only been back for what seems like a little while, and he's been called again. He has two kids of his own, the youngest just turned two. The news reported yesterday that eight U.K. sailors were taken by the Iranian navy. I pray for their release and safety. - From at least one American to you, all of you in the U.K. - THANK YOU! No politics - no pretense - just, THANK YOU! That's one great country you've got there!
  3. You guy's crack me up! But, Is this problem with the PIR still going on? If so, I may have an idea. Does it false in particular time frame? We all know that PIR stands for Passive Infra-red Receiver. Are there any other heat signatures it could be receiving? Sun light on window, heat vent, etc. Ran service on a golf course pro shop once that had a PIR by an overhead door in the basement of the club house protecting carts. About three months after install, (installed in mid-summer) the PIR began falsing. As the days got colder, the more it falsed. They went through a entire company of service techs. No one could figure out the issue. Finally they sent me, the ol' fatman out there. It was about two a.m.,they're closed, I'm sitting under the motion trying to keep my eyes open, then it started. The next trip was about 45 minutes, after that about every half hour. I couldn't find a thing! I thought I was going nuts! Here's the scoop, it wasn't falsing with the heater, but just across the overhead door, IN the opposing wall, was a four inch hot water feed for the radiators up stairs! All I can figure is when that steam feed would start to flow, it would heat the wall so fast that it looked like movement to the PIR. IT (the wall) would get HOT to the touch. I extended the cable and mounted the same motion on the opposing wall (with the pipe). The falsing stopped, the coverage was good and TAH DAH! It worked like a champ! But, we figured it had to be bugs, then bad PIRs, and on and on. But what kept me going was, it worked for the first three months! There had to be some other issue! (Sorry, one of my favorite stories) - Russ
  4. They don't have panels, per say, but a variety of enclosures. You can recess the mircom enclosure and find what adapters or mounts you need to fit the panel in the enclosure. OR, using stand offs, mount the PCB in the enclosure. (Just so you know, every time you see the word enclosure, I had originally had the word can.) Fixed it though! - Russ p.s. I think they are actually out of Canada
  5. Sorry, It's a different terminology I know. But, pretty accurate. The metal box the circuit board comes in is referred to as "the can" over here by the old timers. - Russ
  6. I don't know if you have an equivalent of a U.S. orginization called OSHA. It stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They could surely help. Use this site to poke around and see if you can find something base a question on. www.osha.gov
  7. Try LINK REMOVED they have a wide collection of cans. You may even want to look at recessing the can if you're able. Or even try a company called H.A.I. - They have a bunch of recessed cans that can be retro-fitted. Link tested and not working. Removed by moderator. AG Sorry- the company is Mircom - I believe the web site ie mircom tech dot com. - Russ
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss. I lost mine December 5th. Hang in there. - Russ
  9. Wireless has become more and more popular. But, not to an ol' tooth like me. I still think that pulling copper has rf beat any day. And you are right many of the major cities police department don't respond to alarms. It is left up security companies. We are still going through alarm verification proceedures with many departments. Ie: is the premis to be phoned or not?...That kind of thing. But every city and sovreign suburb has their own ordinances. A new one here locally, is for residential, it's two free false alarms per year with increasing fines up to $1000 and alarm school. But as far as having trouble with Californians? - The whole country has trouble with them...(just kidding)... Lest we forget they elected the Terminator for Governor... Anyway, I must admit I worked with a "mate" for about a year and a half. Great guy, a little scary in the attic though, and injury prone. But a great knowledge and sense of humor. Last name Cooke, I believe. Married a V.P. of Marketing for one of the big three phone companies out here. He tought me some the expressions, a few of my favs were ... "Throwing a wobbly" and "knackered" and .... (oh ****! I don't recall it now!) .. But yes, I smoke. And on the way to do so now. See ya - Russ
  10. Thanks to all of you that responded! It seems like the regs are the big issues. Even here we have different regs every time you cross the street. thanks again guys!
  11. I LIKE this site! - But let me know what you guys like to use. Here we've got mainly Ademco, GE, Napco and some DSC. I'm really interested to find out about voltage requirements, that kind of thing. On this side of the pond we in the alarm industry are generally low voltage guys. Seperate from the high voltage guys 120v and up. I would really like to learn more about the U.K. alarm industry. Although I've been in this business for about 30 years, reading your site is like a whole new experience. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So, please, feed me!!!!! - Russ
  12. RussS


    Welcome. I to am new to this site.
  13. Wow, things there are really different than here. Here pretty much everything considered "Public Domain" or, "No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" is fair game for CCTV. If you could place a cam from your window to see the street that's okay. No restrooms, bedrooms, etc. Where exists the "reasonable expectation of privacy."
  14. Guys, guys. You all know that on some points you are all correct, and so is the article. But, we've all overlooked one most important issue. PEOPLE! What is the main reason for TECH advance in CCTV? People! It's like this, technically, you're only going to be able to get a picture that is so good. But, doesn't the quality of the picture depend on the one that does the veiwing? - At the center of this issue lies this; the quality of the end result is not completely dependant on the quality of the product it-self, but more so on the quality of the installation of that product. Wrapped around that, is the realistic expectations of the end user. - The end user expectations are what drives the cctv industry. You guy's know this. We've all had the client that wants a camera to cover his driveway. We being experienced field techs/ etc. know what he needs. But, what he needs is rarely what he expects. In his mind, the cctv system will be like watching a television show. First he'll see a car in his driveway, then the little director in the camera will know he'll want a close up of the driver, then an extra tight shot of license plate. The little director will the advise the car and the driver to remain still so the client can observe even smallest detail. Now the client is happy the cctv manufacturers are happy the boss is happy because he has made a mint, and all is right with the world. EXCEPT for the installer! Because he is the only one that knows that this is fiction! He knows he needs to bring the end users expectations back to reality. Once that is accomplished, the tech is hero, in the eyes of the boss, the end user, the manufacturer, etc. The client will forget the name of the equipment but NOT the name of the installer. <this is a two edged sword. - Russ
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