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  1. I know what all abbreviations stand for. I want to test them in a limited real life situation, play with settings, different cameras, networking, remote access. I don't want just read some specs and view screen shots on manufacturers website. It won't make me a pro, I know that. I could have bought a Dell PC. I built my own. Building, upgrading, swaping components, over-clocking, breaking, fixing hasn't made me a computer specialist but I enjoyed it I don't see it as X vs Y HD-SDI may be a perfect solution today, but I see no future for HD-SDI . Nothing wrong with HD
  2. Something needs to record IP cameras as well doesn't it? If you want to use an existing IT infrastructure, software doesn't come for free I might be wrong but I don't think so. Sometimes, but not quite often. Not yet. Give it 3-5 years I think you are too harsh. They may be too lazy to learn new stuff, though It's irrelevant here. I do not want to secure my premises at this stage, I want to test available configuration, settings, networking. Everything will be installed inside/outside my garage, temp. mounting points etc. HD-SDI missing upgrade options.
  3. What 1080hd IP camera? AXIS? Anyway your £200 IP camera is still at least double the price of a reasonable analogue one isn't it? Who would use HD-SDI if IP were the same price range
  4. define expensive http://www.amazon.com/Axis-0371-001-P3346-VE-vandal-resistant/dp/B004LY02RM/ref=pd_sim_sbs_p_5
  5. Upgrade to IP from HD-SDI in future means re-cabling A big no no I don't want any half measures and the only reason not to go 100% IP at the moment is cost. There's a wide range of cameras but most DVRs I can find don't support 960H Whats the point buying a 700TVL camera and connect it to a DVR that records D1
  6. Let's forget IP for a second, it was meant as a future addition. I guess I can buy an IP camera, link it to my home lan and have a play with DVR and camera networking separatel. 960H or D1? 8CH Samsung SRD-873D looks interesting, 4CH version is only D1
  7. Can you elaborate further on solution to a problem, please. We are talking typical scenario: driveway, garage, shop, warehouse, vandals, thieves not industrial espionage, casinos, banks, nuclear power plants, terrorists, drons
  8. I want to play with it and test how the whole CCTV thing works. I'd like to understand IP, DDNS, apps, LAN, WAN, D1, 960H, HD, WDR and and all other abbreviations Sort of hobby My garage, my garden, non commercial application I've got 50m coax, 30m cat5, an old 480TVL camera and two brackets to start with
  9. I meant both mobile and PC WOW Congratulations
  10. which apps? I've had a quick play withnetguard and kmeye only Any PC apps?
  11. I thought it was trade forum? Will a mobile app/PC app show a quad view incl IP camera or II'd need to switch between a DVR and IP and view one ot the other at the time?
  12. I don't mean hybrid, A standard system, a standard DVR + IP camera added in future Is there a generic client software/iphone app I could use to 'merge signals' from a DVR (any or specific) + an IP camera (any or specific) PS. A cheap DVR would be any Chinese tat <£800 for 8CH DVR. xvision/alien/genie etc all come from the same factory just re branded I guess C'mon it's meant to test some ideas not to protect George Alexander Louis home
  13. Haven't bought one yet Any cheap D1 4/8CH D1 DVR and 1 or 2 IP cameras just to test the idea of IP and analog mix Don't have any specific requirements, could be even 2nd hand Wanna play with a few things in my garage. Autodidacticism Never really done CCTV
  14. Is there a way to "add" an IP camera to the existing DVR system? eg a DVR client software to view LAN/WAN all cameras at the same time including few IP additions? Budget range not hi end stuff
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