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  1. Interesting subject, thanks for all the info. I honestly didnt think the Texecom smoke alarms would trigger the main house bell box when the house alarm isnt even armed, i'm shocked, seems silly in in my basic opinion! What Lurch said sounds good, hopefully they wont be set off by false toast alarms or similar. It seems to me like my best option would be to do as Lurch has done and set them for internal sirens (if i have one??) BUT when the alarm is fully armed it would be ideal for them to sound the main bell box ie when i'm not in the house. hmm is this possible?
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks for that, i think that is what i have already done i'll double check tonight. So if i program the smoke dectectors like you say, when happens when they are triggered off when the alarm isnt armed? I'm assuming they dont set the bell box off ringing everytime i burn the toast?!! Do they have there own sounder? regards, Paul
  3. double pole, there are four wires going into each detection device. The ones that require power have all 6 wires going into it. If thats what you mean?! I'm learning slowly!
  4. mate. Can you just give me an example of how you would wire them in series as i havent enough zones left? Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I've just spent the past 3 days installing and routing all the cable through my house to all the detectors / door contacts / smoke alarms etc etc. I've just got a couple of basic questions for you all:- - The smoke detectors (Texecom Exodus) when these go off when i'm in the house and the alarm isnt active what do they do, do they have there own alarm sounder like tradition smoke detectors?? - Multiple door contacts, is it ok to run say two door contacts from some french door into one zone in the control panel? Does the same apply for panic buttons two? - I've got a Premier Flush Mount LCD Remote Keypad Proximity Tag keypad, and i've connected the front door contact to zone one on the keypad and the PIR in the hallway to zone two. Now obviously the pir needs power to it so i've just tapped into the 12v and -ve going into the keypad. Is this okay? I think thats about it for now, i'm sure there will be more questions Thanks very much for anyhelp whatsoever. Paul
  6. Hi, I'm after some rough quotes to install a Texecom Premier 24 and all its accessories. I've already bought all the kit, and the house is currently been renovated so easier to install in the house. Feel free to PM with prices, Thanks very much, Paul
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