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Signalling Evolution - The Release Of Webway Spt.6



For those of you not connected to either me or Chris on Linkedin, I have reproduced our SPT.6 release text here...

Today we're solving the price performance problem that plagues installers of monitored connections.

"Cheap products are attractive, but can lock us into old retiring technology. The lack of productivity features make the end user ask for lower prices, squeezing our margins. Buying cheap means we end up paying twice to get out of the problem."

To break the cycle we took a different and radical step two years ago. We said that to escape low margins and customer dissatisfaction we had to change technology and the way the signalling supply chain operated.

Our new products and services are the culmination of our fifteen years in the security communications business, the result of a twenty four month development program and fourteen years man effort, designed to change the way you sell and manage security signalling. You can buy them on line today.

3G roaming across our radio signalling range

We are IP signalling and our goal is to connect every security system to IP (broadband or radio) technology to deliver better solutions. We're the market leader in IP signalling by far. We provide you with products that can use PSTN, but we've enabled every one with IP technology on board for when you want to switch. From a pricing point of view we're not referencing any of the legacy analogue providers. We've built our model based on the cost of the new equipment and how much it costs us to run and continually innovate our systems. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

we've invented a new single path signalling category

The products and services we are releasing today are the most technically advanced on the market, built to last for innovative installers. They are not "light" or "air" versions of what went before, they are not a re-spin of legacy technology. They are totally re-engineered for performance, memory, power and reliability. Designed to do more for you and save money. We've even invented a new category of single path signalling with Recovery Channel for the most reliable and lowest operating cost of any digi replacement service.

your own private alarm transmission service, on line

The new devices are accompanied by your own on line service WebWay World. WebWay World is specifically designed for users that are mobile. As the owner of an installation company you and your engineers are always on the move and need the tools at your fingertips to manage your service. WebWay World uses the power of smart phones and tablets to enable you to order, configure and manage WebWay signalling wherever you are. It's your own private window on your alarm transmission system with detailed diagnostics and alarm history.

more reliable than a cumbersome centralised NOC

WebWay World get's the detailed information about your sites from our distributed receiving architecture. Distributing host servers is more scaleable, secure, reliable and more responsive to local users than a cumbersome centralised Network Operations Centre. We've built out an architecture of servers in the UK, Spain and Australia to service clients around the world.

What's new?

3G roaming as standard

The biggest update is our move to 3G roaming for all devices which use a radio path for signalling. With a fifth of the UK (and a similar situation abroad) having poor mobile coverage, our new devices off the broadest radio footprint of all. Your devices now have access to all local operators and their 3G, EDGE and GPRS services. Benefits include an enhanced cellular footprint, improved indoor signal, faster transmission and UDL speeds, reduced congestion caused by Smart Meters and other M2M devices and increased protection from jammers. We're the first and only signalling provider to offer 3G roaming as standard. You can check other providers hardware for 3G operation yourself with our handy guide.

Ready for a verified world

Unique to WebWay is our integration with IP camera manufacturers and the ability to associate input driven or SIA events with pre, post and trigger event JPEG images. Every WebWay IP signalling device has 2 camera Imaging capability built into the hardware price ready now or for use in the future. Images can be sent over radio in the event of IP failure.

Improved performance, lower power

The new devices have forty times greater speed and memory than their predecessors. This means we can handle more security applications, transmit data faster (utilising 3G to the full) and store more on the board (up to 4000 640x480 JPEG images) for a complete audit trail and long lived update cycle. But because we have re-engineered the devices these performance advances come with a 50% reduction in power consumption (to circa 50mA).

Largest integration library

We were the first to integrate to alarm panels for SIA and UDL, which means we have the most experience and best relationships with panel manufacturers. We've got the largest range of intruder, fire and camera integrations and this back catalogue is available across the range of our new devices. We support Contact ID, SIA, UDL and RRI over broadband and radio.

Meet the devices

Smart. The smallest, smartest dual path signalling device.

Smart replaces our G-Series devices. Smart has a new mini footprint of just 89x107mm and is available in 3G/PSTN (with IP on board) or IP/3G formats. You can select from a 18 Input version, Modem Capture and Serial or just serial bus connected range of devices.

Go Plus. The first of it's kind. Single path signalling with unique Recovery Channel.

Go Plus IP uses broadband as the signalling path. But if power, equipment or service fails the 3G roaming Recovery Channel is active to enable you to send alarms and diagnostics. Go Plus is upgradeable to Smart dual path signalling at any time.

Go Plus PSTN uses 3G roaming as its signalling path but monitors the local line voltage and dial tone of the telephone line for faults or cuts. The site won't miss a thing if the intruder is likely to attack the line before entering the premises rather than jam the radio path. Go Plus PSTN is the real digi replacement solution by identifying PSTN attacks and using the radio path for signals and UDL at the lowest ongoing cost.

Go. Our single path signalling solutions with the lowest ongoing fees.

Go IP and Go 3G are based on the same mini hardware as Smart but with just one path activated. Go IP transmits alarms over broadband and provides UDL and Imaging. Go 3G has all the same functions, but has IP ready on board.

Communicator Pro. The ultimate integrated signalling platform.

We've updated our larger format device (the Communicator) too. Its the same size as its predecessor, but has additional expansion capability. It has the same fast processor and large memory as the Smart and Go ranges, but physical data connections are increased from 2 to 3 and there is USB on board too.

There's so much more we could tell you about the benefits of our signalling devices and WebWay World, but we'd like to do that in person. To find out more contact us, we're here to help.


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