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  1. Galaxy GX push notifications

    mate. Gonna try getting this sorted tonight. Been on call or weekend so haven't had a chance
  2. Galaxy GX push notifications

    When I'm trying to programme 'heartbeat' I get 'Option not available' I'll tell you what I need and hopefully you can help me i have a galaxy48. Brand new Ethernet module installed in it i have BT internet so can't have a static IP so neee to use DDNS I want to connect remotely usin the VKP and also receive push notifications
  3. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Some instructions how to set up this on a co48 v6.8 if anyone can help. The 'panel programming' on selfmon shows options I do not have. All I want to do is receive notifications and to be able to set remotely if I forget. Is this all possible with selfmon or would I be best just going back down the secure IP4 route to custodian and forget about this
  4. Galaxy GX push notifications

    I want to set up notifications too. Willnit work on v6.8?
  5. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Gonna try this now. Is there anything I need to know or is it simple to set up
  6. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Cheer mate. I'll try that tonight when I get back.
  7. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Sorted fellas. It was only after the 5th phone call with honeywell ingot to bottom of it. I'd asked time and time again is the version on my panel ok to do what I want. They said it was. Turns out version 6.8 isn't gonna work. Need v6:94 to do it. Thanks any way for help
  8. Galaxy GX push notifications

    HH6. I'll ring honeywell to Make sure I'm opening the right ports. They says ports 10001,10002 & 10005
  9. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Yes I've done all this. I've gone over and over the settings. Checks and checked again. Honeywell told me to create 2 sites on the app. One to use with the IP address I give it and another to use the ddns remotely. I can connect to it while I'm at hime cant when I leave the house. But nothing happens at all if I trigger the alarm
  10. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Yes i Would prefer to have connected directly to me. Yea named them 'alarm' my CCTV ports are just called CCTV so just gave them this name. I can set and unset on me phone while I'm sat on the couch but that's it
  11. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Might just knock it on the head and signal to custodian using the landline or put a secure in Thought this would be easier and better for me so I could control the panel while I'm out working. but it's been nothing but a pain in the ****.
  12. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Just checked. Says the ports are closed but I've checked settings again.all correct. Have to speak to BT Im using DDNS because they don't do Static IP for home thanks for help
  13. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Done all that. Followed every step of instruction I can find online. Nothinh works. Now Only thing I can think of is I have no connection password so I leave this blank. I can connect without it on my phone when I'm on me home network but not when I switch off wifi. Could this be cause
  14. Put a Ethernet mod in so I can connect remotely and also have the system go direct to me rather than through the arc however I can connect remotely when I'm on my home network but can't connect when I'm away from my network. I only install secures and GSMs so not really got into using Ethernet mods at all and galaxy tech are a nightmare any ideas for help