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  1. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Yes! It does. Thanks GalaxyGuy.
  2. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Thanks. I'll give that a try. (Sorry not to have replied sooner, but I've been travelling.)
  3. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Another quick question ... Can radiofobs be associated with 2 separate alarm systems, well out of range of each other? And also other MAX fobs and cards? Thanks!
  5. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Thanks again. Good to know there is a fault, before setting out to trace it.
  6. Galaxy night set with radiofob?

    Thanks. Good to know for sure. I probably don't need both Night and Part sets. One will be enough. I don't hear anything from the speaker. Which tones should I get? Are there any settings relating to this. I couldn't find anything. I have not checked the wiring or speaker yet.
  7. I have just fitted a Galaxy Flex 50 in my house, and it seems to be up and running. I would be very grateful for some pointers to resolve a few minor snags. I have a radio fob. Is it capable of doing a Night Set? - Rather than the Part Set. (It will be convenient to use this indoors in the evening - Otherwise, I suppose, I can make the Part and Night identical.) I have put an internal siren/speaker by the front door, so I can hear the setting sounds as I leave the house. The keypad is deeper inside the house. I am not hearing the setting sounds on the speaker. I had expected this to duplicate the sounds from the keypad. Have I missed a setting? Any suggestions for fault finding if it's in the wiring? Thanks Robert