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  1. John

    Lux n time adjustment. No sensitivity on this. 40mm hole for the sensor. Looks neat, n I have installed this type many times before no problems in the past
  2. John

    Zinc 360 recessed. I think they are the PIR type but I can't remember
  3. John

    Cheers, yeah I've got a few things to go at now. The sensors don't have a sensitivity feature so that's out the window, but yeah I'll try a few of these things, n any more suggestions. Many Thanks
  4. John

    Could possibly have a damaged cable or loose connection on the alarm side. How would that switch an occupancy detector for a lighting circuit on tho? These circuits are both separate?
  5. John

    -I'm sure the sensors are IR I'll have to have a look when I go back. -I haven't disabled the chime yet... -I've installed the lights with occupancy detectors
  6. John

    The door alarm is a contact with a buzzer that sounds on the alarm panel. The ceilings are plastered and the sensors are not on the same floor as the external door
  7. John

    Lights switching on via occupancy detectors every time the external door is opened and the door alarm sensor activates. The alarm and lights are on different circuits, and cables do not run in close proximity to each other. Has anyone had this before?