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Good morning. This isn't a CCTV security question but is related to CCTV and I'm hoping someone can help.

I have a nestbox which is divided into 3 separate sections, each section has its own hard-wired analogue camera. In my previous house I connected each camera directly to a TV via 2 SCART connections and 1 phono (I changed the SCART plug to 3 phonos: red, white & yellow). All worked okay. However this setup doesn't work in my new house and I'd also like to be able to access the boxes via the house WiFi on any device.


My first thought was to change the cameras to wired digital but these are expensive and I need three. My second thought was to use an analogue to IP converter then connect it/them to my house router. I've changed the remaining SCARTs for phonos but have hit a wall with identifying a cost-effective analogue to IP converter. Initially I was going to use TrendNet TV-VS1P (one for each camera) but this appears to be a discontinued product. Although they are available on eBay they are over £200 + £40 postage + £60 import fee and at that price I might as well buy new cameras.


I'm hoping someone on this forum has a better (read as cheaper) solution. Thank you.

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I have my birdboxes connected to a dvr. This is then connected via hdmi to the AV amp. You can also access via phone etc then if required. I also have them showing on alexa show devices. But at this time without audio.

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I suppose a cheap DVR would be the most cost effective to turn CVBS into IP. You also wouldn't need an IP address for each just login to the DVR.

You can also get Phono to BNC converters so you don't need to remake the cables.

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