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ADT sues Amazon's Ring over use of blue octagon logo

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In theory ring and all the other doorbells connected to the internet are a great idea. If only someone could make one that works 100% of the time

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agreed but the market demands this doorbell height nickable tech. Ive already been asked to use the alarm to protect it after its nicked.

Issue I have is that people think its better than an IAS then the low level 'security system' is stolen before it can upload anything now its the IAS problem to solve. Just have decent cctv that doesnt wait till the perp presses a button (that has to be in easy reach) or just have a door bell. Few nicked the old friedland bell push

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Its not a security device its a door bell that allows you to answer the door when your out, sometimes .... rarely....never. 

If it worked like the advert would have you believe I would have one. 


Ive tried Ring (crap) Hikvision (crap) Dahua (crap) Nest (crap) and Chinese cheapo worked better than the others but it was only 700tvl and after a couple of years died, and the later 2mp replacement was crap. I have the Dahua video entry system now (crap) its hard wired to the Lan it still doesnt call me when my phone is on the same fooking network 


Ring doesn't work if its stolen you can default it but the mac is registered to you, it cannot be registered to anyone else unless you release it. Hik, and Dahua,  can be defaulted via Hik and Dahua I am not sure if you can report it stolen like you can the Ring.

I made full use of the ring no quibble money back gtee which is easy, the only nice thing I have to say about the product 

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A quick Google says Ring have c 8 million units in the US alone, I agree with the closed platform etc, I read a while ago they also log everything although not sure if true or to what level. 


But at those numbers it shows what I've always said, 99% of people don't give a shiny shite and Amazon (Google etc) will continue to develop their own plug and play 'security' business that will sell by the millions. 

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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Unless your over 50 and dont understand tech, why wouldnt you use this shite, some of it works really well

"Alexa, turn on the TV" 


Strangely I spotted one of these Ring bell boxes while walking the dog this morning. Its only about ten doors down from me, it looked quite good.

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