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House alarm randomly goes off but not set. - permanently disable?

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Moved into this house in 2020.

It has an old (probably as old as the house, 20 years) alarm.


There is a bell box (unknown brand) 

And a veritas 8c texecon panel. 

I can't find any other box. Apparently there may not be one?



So I never use this alarm. But it randomly goes off. The panel buzzes and the bell box rings. It has done this at completely random times. Not power cuts. 

I'm concerned it's going to do it while I'm on holiday and drive the neighbours crazy


How do I disconnect the alarm? 

I've heard everything from smash the box to hire someone to get a ladder, open the box and cut the wires. 


I tried removing the fuse from the panel. The panel went off but the bell box kept going. 


How do I silence this forever? 

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Veritas 8C is an onboard system so no other control box.

You will not be able to disconnect it without making some noise.

Need ladders to get in the outside to decommission the system completely.


You have an intermittent tamper issue, you could get someone in to diagnose and repair the issue if you would use it.

If you have no intention to use it at all then have it decommissioned for the sake of your neighbours as they need regular maintenance to be reliable.


Power cuts shouldn't trigger any alarm system, any that activate during a power cut shows they are faulty and require servicing.

These panels are known for slight transformer buzz, can happen if they are mounted to a wall that's not flat resonates through the plastic case.

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