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Alarm Sensor Triggering Randomly

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Hi All

I moved into a new house a couple of years ago which had a Texecom Premier wired alarm system already installed.

The alarm has generally been fine. However, over the past few days it has triggered from the same sensor five times over three consecutive days, generally at random times.

This has happened while the alarm has been 'part alarmed' with the downstairs armed over night. Subsequently I have been in the house every time and know there is nothing 'obvious' which could have triggered it. Furthermore, nothing has changed in the environment of that room compared with the previous days this week etc when it did not trigger at all.

Any ideas on common things which might cause this or how I can check anything to try and work out what the issue might be?



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2 hours ago, james.wilson said:

It could be a faulty sensor. Cover it over and see if the activations stop. That will show if its in the room or something else.


When was it last serviced etc?

Cockroaches was the one I found last like this lol

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3 hours ago, al-yeti said:

Cockroaches was the one I found last like this lol

I dont have any customers that keep pets like that, how the lower class engineers live eh


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