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Need someone experienced in C-Tec ZFP programming - West Mids

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Hi all, I suppose this should be in the "subcontractor" section really but I haven't posted enough times to be let in there yet so here goes.


We are currently swapping a CTec XFP 2 loop for a CTec ZFP 4 loop due to the XFP now being at capacity. We were due to do the ZFP training course in Wigan at CTecs place but Covid has cancelled all of the courses. We did an "online" course and have the ZFP software but I am just not confident enough to do this based on the training we have had.


I need a subbie that is experienced with this panel to "transfer" the programming from the XFP to the ZFP. It is fairly complex as ZFP panels go (although bizarrely not as XFP panels go) as there are quite a few Triggers & Actions that do things like isolate certain detectors if an I/O module is activated or trigger another I/O module output if a certain zone goes into fire or yet another I/O module if any device is isolated etc. This is a doddle on the XFP but not the ZFP.


Changing the hardware (the XP95 detection, I/Os etc) is not an option, we have to pre program the ZFP so that it can be a straight swap that can be done in a day so that we end up with a working system but one that now has 2 additional loops.


If anyone fancies a day in the warm with free coffee please drop me a PM with your availability and rates. I can send you the XFP program file beforehand if you need to get your head around what we are trying to achieve.

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