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Hi Chaps

Wondered if you could help.


Ive a Scantronics 9651 with engineers codes etc.


i recently moved a PR Sensor for decorating and tripped a fuse on the board. While out of use (awaiting fuses) I took the opportunity to remove the keypad and clean the contacts as several buttons were not working properly.  

Afterwards I changed the relevant fuse and despite having codes I’m unable to reset my system from a Bell Temper & Aux  DC Fault.   Any tips would be gratefully appreciated.


many thanks 


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Do you have a multimeter OP?


Also send us a picture of your PCB so we can see the exact model (though if it has fuses suspect which one it will be) but good to check.

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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44 minutes ago, Steve89 said:


Yes, two fuses on the circuit board and the  remaining two all intact.


Do one thing at a time 


First disconnect the pirs etc from the 12v aux  , you need keypad on tho of course and link the bell tamper 


This should prove panel is working if those faults clear 

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