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Max 4 - Lost Tag

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I have just installed a Max4 in standalone mode and it is working well reading tags etc.  If a tag gets lost or stolen how do I eliminate it from the system (the Max4 is in standalone mode)?  I realise that I may have to void all the user tags and enter them again - this is OK but I cannot see how to do this.

Section 7 of the Installation Instructions touches on this but it is not clear  on how to do this.  The text reads:

Old non-valid tags/cards must be voided from the memory of the Max4.  The Void Master serves to clear all old tags, freeing up space and maintaining a secure environment.


The box says:

- Tags can be voided from the memory in case of loss.


How does one do this?  It must be possible or the system is fatally flawed.



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thats the issue with standalone. I think you can remove if you still have the fob but if not its delete and re add. Or use an online one or a standalone with a keypad

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