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Sooooo as the title suggests, i'm considering starting my own alarm company.

Sure i know a lot of people will ask this, and yes i feel pretty confident in my abilities and i have been doing services and installs for people recently which has given me this idea.

My question is though, where do i even start? I have business insurance so this is all covered but I would love to try and get some approval but again I have no idea how to go about this.


I don't expect to end up like ADT nor do i really want to be.


Also any tips and advice to make this work? i know it will be a lot of hard work but i think i can do it.


Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest you subby for a while, starting your own co is not that easy if you dont have a regular income the bank will repossess your house. The mistake most people make in this industry when it comes to insurance is that the think public/employee liability is enough, you need efficacy.  Look at the NSI and SSAIB websites for approval you need a minimum of 5 installs contracted. I would recommend NSI silver as there are fewer Silvers than there are SSAIB co's out there it may give you the edge over your local competition. Its easier to buy an established company than trying to start your own, if you have the guts. I have seen loads of one man bands go under recently only to resurface as employees, the domestic market is getting killed off by the likes of Nest ect and the Commercial market will want approved in most cases because of their insurance requirements. Oh and dont try to win deals on price, the big boys get wind that you are under cutting them all the time they can afford to work at a loss till you are under, sell at a fair price win the deal on best value. 

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17 hours ago, PeterJames said:

the domestic market is getting killed off by the likes of Nest ect


It's a dying industry and you would be better off as a 'spark plus' e.g. be able to also competently do fire / access / networking - a nice little earner on small commercial type works.


Im my experience of both...


People wont even question you for a spark quote if it's something 'nice' e.g. a conservatory, extension, man cave etc... or they are desperate to get an office finished for a business. Especially if the builder is wanting £50k, your quote usually just 'disappears'.

People will fight over the last £5 or 'I might just get my mate to do this, thanks for coming' over an alarm


(though to my utter amazement mid-priced, non Barrat housing estate round the corner was hard-wired for alarms, with no apparent company on board with the builder...)

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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To be your own alarm co. with your own customers & installations is quite a lot of hassle for the £


Its takes a long to build a co, from nothing & its probably getting harder every yr


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