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eBay tat roundup - the best and worst from the 'bay

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1 hour ago, al-yeti said:

What's happening in weston supermare hospital? Outbreak?

From the looks of things the patient is showing signs of insanity 

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DD please down vote me pretty please

Probably for the best, otherwise you may end up like DD... 

tell you what Logan, enjoy being part of tsi or dont. Push things and ill remove your status. I dont see how we can help  Norman put it better

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13 hours ago, Logan said:

How much alcohol have you consumed?


Nowhere near enough

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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22 minutes ago, datadiffusion said:


Nowhere near enough

Ahh so thats why none of these pics match up with the topic


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@al-yeti wants this



Never seen this gardtec panel 



ADE prox only panel???



Willbroy is being very optimistic 



Panic button or bomb detonator?



Old aritech curtain PIR


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1 minute ago, Imnotshankled said:

No on discord and YouTube 

Must be asian

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1 minute ago, Imnotshankled said:

No im a Englishman who had his weetabix 



You are Asian 

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10 minutes ago, Imnotshankled said:

Nah i still am asian


e n g l i s h boy


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He's got a clever bit of software which pulls the programming out (wrote in python iirc) for Texecom's ?


However you can't lock Euro's....

Mr😀 Veritas God

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