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Garde 3 door contacts and tamper

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Hi guys I've got grade 3 site where the door contact on the automatic door keeps going into tamper - contact has been changed. 


The doors are metal, does the contact or magnet require spacing to stop magnetic interference? 


The contact and the magnet are also fitted quite close together, I heard someone suggest a while back that on grade 3 contacts there should be a bit of space between the magnet and contact. 

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I rate the Elmdene ones for G3, you can wire them in a way so the magnetic interference shows as a separate masked signal.

Had a few sites mainly engineering units where tampers would happen, most often in the day, tried most of the available G3 RSC's and found this was the best solution.

Obviously G3 contacts have stricter mounting criteria (orientation, distance, alignment) over G2 but they are all designed to be mounted to a metal shutter directly as per the instructions.

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28 minutes ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

Work with the hand your dealt, always best way to win the game.

Ain't that the truth, doesn't pay to have pre conceived ideas of a problem. It often catches you out.

Customers Love us, Intruders Hate us.

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