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Hello All


I have just taken over management of a small office building. All the security and fire system are installed and serviced by ADT. I am very disappointed with the state of the systems and the total lack of engagement from ADT. So I decided to get few companies in to quote for upgrade and maintenance of the systems. The sticky point seems to be the fire alarm, which apparently has ADT closed protocol on. All the providers came back with the same issue regarding the fire systems and simply wouldn’t touch it, unless I have decided for a total changeover of the fire system, which I understand can be really pricey. On the other side CHUBB said they can fix it but would say how. I would like to go with one provider, but I am a bit concerned with differences in opinions provided by protentional suppliers.


Therefore, I am calling upon your collective experience to advise me on the matter of close protocol for ADT fire. Is there a way around it or am I stuck with them unless I decide to make an investment and change it over?


Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Hi Hannah

What fire panel is it?  What sort of size system are we talking about? 

If its only a small system then its not a big problem until you need parts for it, and there are still one or two suppliers that supply closed protocol detectors etc depending on the brand.  Bigger systems are more of a problem, we had a leisure centre with a closed protocol system that was a real pain. We were glad to lose that one when it came around for tender. 

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