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Karizma alarm issue on pir's not setting/ triggering ?


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Hi can anybody give me advice on a karizma home burglar alarm,

ive recently replaced the external bell box/sounder has my old one was over 20 years old and didn't sound in test mode so I have replaced it with a kinetic ade bell box , 

but my main issue is with the 4 pir's they are all lit and sensing movement but on setting alarm to exit or enter they don't trigger off now since I switch mains and battery backup off to complete external bell install.. has anybody got any idea why this has happened and if there is a fix ,i.e .... and do they need reprogramming as I'm unsure has the all worked prior to exchanging the bell box.. please can anyone advise I would be greatful..

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I have known plenty of Karizma's to have NVM issues. It's likely the panel has lost all it's programming and will need reconfiguring.

Personally I would have looked at replacing the whole system before considering replacing the bell box.

They are an iD system so may need some thought as to your replacement if you wanted to keep the wiring.

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Hi sixwheeledbeast

thanks for your reply,

can you advise on Configuration or is this to complex to do myself., or should I call an alarm engineer in. To configure because all the wires are in the walls and ceiling, so all consealed away, 


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I suggest you contact a local engineer but expect many to recommend it is replaced especially if it has been unmaintained for so long.

For someone that has worked on one it may take 20 minutes or so to get working. That doesn't mean it won't throw an "NVM Checksum Error" message at 2am, down the line.


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