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10 hours ago, petrolhead said:

Aye your right standards count for **** all. I picked up a job next week to install a new boiler system at a nursing home how hard can it be? I 'll ask for some advice on diynot if I get stuck on what all the pipey bits do.

The scary thing is that people are doing stuff like that!

there was a spark we worked with fairly often on sites worked for a fairly large company and he was always hanging doors, tarmacing drives ect (you know the type)

He came in one Monday to say he earnt a nice number over the weekend moving and replacing a back boiler!!! And said re-routing the gas supply is easy now with the new Hep plastic tubing!!!!

needless to say everyone savaged him about it and the gas engineers from site went and sorted it for him.

His company counterparts were going to report him if it wasn’t sorted, he did move on a little while after too

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2 hours ago, sjsturner said:

I think he’s saying that he longs for the day that he feels accepted by his counterparts on here lol

Plus ten for you, android changed the word , but please I am not at level of counterparts yet , don't over praise me!

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