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Graeme W

Replacing outdoor light with wifi CCTV Camera

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Hello. I have an outdoor light that doesn’t work, but does have a live cable to it through the wall. I’d like to replace it with an outdoor CCTV camera. I’ve seen some motion sensor cameras that save to sd card and allow you to view remotely via wifi which would be ideal. However if I understand correctly they look like they have their own power supply  and adaptor you have to use, rather than being able to wire in an existing cable.

This is one example



Can anyone recommend a product that might do the trick? I already have a separate security light that works so only need the camera. I'd rather make use of the existing power cable rather than drill more holes through the wall


Thanks in advance for any advice

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The existing cable will most likely be 230v, most if not all DIY camera's will have a dedicated power supply inside the premises and require a low voltage (often 12v dc) cable running to the camera. 


So no, in most cases your existing cabling would be no good.


The one in the Amazon link is quite deceiving (often on purpose) as it has a few photo's that would lead you to believe the camera is totally wireless, when it needs a cat 5 cable all the way back to your router.

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You could put a box PSU where cable enters the wall inside depending on if it looks any good , so 240 in and 12v to camera or whatever  it needs then WiFi to router or whatever 

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As above look at pictures Mr Norman is correct it needs another cable going back to the router and WiFi is probably just your phone or device viewing via WiFi


But then I suppose if box is big enough you could also house a powerline adaptor with PSU and send back data through that , it might work might not ......


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